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Looking for Plumbers Bundaberg? Craig Brough Plumbing Bundaberg can provide Domestic and Commercial Plumbing Solutions including Domestic Gas Installations and Commercial Type B Gas Installations.   



With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that Craig and his team are the best Plumbers in Bundaberg and will always provide quality work guaranteed to last.


All appraisals and costings are done using only the best quality fittings and materials. See our supply partners at the bottom of this page for more information.


Whether you are a Building Company, a Commercial Business, or Home Owner, Craig and his team have all the Current Industry Certification*


Qualifications and Experience to provide the best advice and the best service, using the latest equipment to carry the job effectively in a timely and efficient manner.


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NOT "I'll fit when I can."

I have contacted Craig twice for some work to be done.  On the first occasion, his team arrived, on time, the next day, and within an hour had purchased and replaced two sets of taps, which have been brilliant ever since.  The other day I rang to say I had a sewerage blockage.  That same day, earlier than expected, his team arrived with the latest in pipe investigation and cleaning equipment, and within an hour had found and removed the source of the blockage.


To have tradesmen be able to attend so promptly (not, I’ll fit you in when I can), and fix the problem so efficiently is quite a surprise for me.

I would definitely recommend Craig Brough Plumbing to anyone who needs prompt and efficient service at a reasonable rate.


—  Alan Hagerson,  August 2018